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there’s safety in numbers

allison v1 (x) allison v2 (xderek (x) lydia (x) scott (x) stiles (x)

Are you really going to leave all of this up to a couple of kids?
They’re more capable than you think.

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“gamecube is now considered a classic console”










where derek is scott’s earnest campaign manager, like he thinks scott mccall is the universe and can save america. starting with beacon county. and stiles is scott’s publicist. like, have you heard of scott mccall? he’s awesome. stiles polls just about every voter in the great state of california. basically, stiles and derek have a crazy vested interest in scott winning every election. like, you talk shit about scott mccall, derek hale will find you in the dark when you least expect it and tell you how much of a gift scott is. 

Graphic designer Isaac who gets hired to make new campaign posters after their numbers tank a little bit following the ‘shocking news’ that Scott’s father tried to reconcile with him and Scott refused. And Isaac just really needed a paycheck because his apartment is falling apart around him and so are his clothes so he takes the job even though he lives like forty five minutes away. 

Then one day Derek looms over Isaac’s work station and Isaac just knows he’s about to get fired because Derek hates him, Derek barely looks at him when he’s giving instructions or feed back (though the comments are always super helpful and constructive and it confuses Isaac to no end. Except then Derek says “I’m looking for a roommate. Rent is four fifty a month including utilities. Stiles comes over to make lasagne on Sundays for strategy meetings. You can move in next week.” and just walks away. Walks away like he didn’t just offer Isaac the best rent deal in the entire world. But Isaac doesn’t take it yet because he’s just freelancing and there’s an end date on this job.

But then the next day Scott’s scary legal advisor, Lydia, drops a three year contract in his lap and says “we want you here for the long haul. Do you do websites?” So Isaac doesn’t really have a reason to keep his shitty apartment and is able to start affording real food and buys himself a nice blazer.  

and a scarf.

allison and kira are the security. nothing gets by them. scott has never felt safer

Isaac totally refers Scott to Erica to manage his twitter and tumblr presence because Scott means well but sometimes he’s really embarrassing. Nobody needs to know that sometimes he stays up until three am crying about how many animals in shelters will never get homes. Erica is there to turn his “All the cute animals are dying :(((” tweets into “Support your local shelters! Check out this link to find a furry friend in need in your area http://wol.fy/sdfjhsu

boyd is great with a camera. he usually does free lance but erica invited derek to one of his small showers and then derek loomed over him until he agreed to cover one of scott’s public forums. well, stiles tried to haggle over the price but boyd’s flat rate wouldn’t change just because scott mccall is the bee’s knees

and then, well shit, then Scott wins the election and all their nights spent in the McCall basement, hunched over wobbling card tables, eating too much takeout, have finally paid off. Scott is the mayor and he has voting powers and people want him to solve their problems. And he’s really damn good at it. He works off a platform of complete transparency, talking through each decision that he and the council make and how it supports his campaign promises or how it’ll build ground work for him to deliver on them. 


i laughed way too much


i laughed way too much




Commonly confused medieval weapons, a powerpoint by me.

Now stop screwing them up, seriously, or I will put a medieval weapon in your head.

THIS is a WAR SCYTHE, a scythe actually used in combat. Notice it is not a useless piece of shit and is an actual functional weapon.

The only reason why death is pictured with a FARMING scythe is because he harvests souls.

now i can kill ppl and know what im killing them with thank you