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I’m so happy about Chord’s haircut I’m actually crying, I just

He’s so handsome.

Chord?  Look at Blake.  Look at his hair.  Study it, intensely.  Take notes.  Touch it, smell it, put it in your mouth, whatever you have to do.  Do you have a good feel for it?  Do you know Blake’s hair inside and out?  Good.

Now, take whatever he does with his hair and do it with yours.  Voila!  No one will complain about your long hair ever again.

The next few episodes are going to be a treasure trove of naked Chord and I could not be happier.  I’m smiling so much that the top half of my face is peeling off.  :D :D :D

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m actually starting to like Chord’s long hair.  He has crossed the Hobo Line and is rapidly approaching Thor territory.

I love all the songs in the tribute.  ‘Fire and Rain’ is my favorite in terms of arrangement, just because of the rich harmonies and Kevin and Chord’s amazing voices.

But in terms of raw emotion, no one is even in the same solar system as Lea Michele.  That she would open her heart and give the world at large even a glimpse of that kind of loss… I’m blown away.  It takes courage to expose yourself on a good day.  To bare your soul at the height of its pain… that takes something else entirely.

Thank you, Lea.  Just… thank you.

It’s not just that Chord’s hair is long, it’s that there’s no volume to it.  It looks matted to his head, like he hasn’t washed it in a while.

I’m sure it could work if they styled it differently.  Glee just isn’t good with hair lately.

I just want Sam’s luscious lemon-colored Season 2 locks back, is that so much to ask?

So I’ve seen some posts calling Sam ‘stupid.’

Sam is not stupid.

Sam is weird.  It’s an important distinction.

Sam’s mind works in ways that not everybody gets (including Sam) but it definitely works.  Lest we forget, Sam ‘Lowest SAT Score in McKinley History’ Evans more or less singlehandedly blew Warblergate wide open.  He launched and carried out that entire investigation himself, gathered evidence and witnesses and basically saved Glee Club.  He maintains a meticulous diet and work-out regimen.  He does macaroni art and character impersonations, even inventing his own characters to impersonate (Evan).  He has great intuition and people skills and is very good at sussing out when his friends need his help.

Sure, he sometimes has trouble with words and forgets things and gets mixed up in his head.  But that’s only because there’s so much stuff going on in there.  Sam’s definitely out there, there’s no denying that, it’s a big part of his charm in my eyes.  But he’s not stupid, and I will fight anyone who says otherwise.

He’s pretty, but he ain’t dumb.

Chord and Blake have such blendable voices.  They should sing more duets.  I don’t even care why.

So if S5 picks up where S4 left off, how are they gonna explain Sam’s hair having grown like three inches in a matter of days?