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Chord?  Look at Blake.  Look at his hair.  Study it, intensely.  Take notes.  Touch it, smell it, put it in your mouth, whatever you have to do.  Do you have a good feel for it?  Do you know Blake’s hair inside and out?  Good.

Now, take whatever he does with his hair and do it with yours.  Voila!  No one will complain about your long hair ever again.

Lots of ugly stuff in the Blake Jenner and Ryder Lynn tags right now.  I don’t care who or what you ship, let’s get a few things straight:

  1. Unique is a girl. Period.  The whole point of Ryder’s storyline in Feud was that You don’t get to decide who other people are.  Unique identifies and presents as a girl, therefore as far as you’re concerned, that’s what she is.  That means if Unique and Ryder start dating, Unique will be his girlfriend.
  2. If Ryder likes Unique, that does not mean he is gay.  It does not mean he is bisexual.  It does not even mean he is straight.  All it means is that he likes Unique.
  3. Repeatedly misgendering Unique is extremely rude and insulting towards trans people.  It does nothing but undermine your argument and make you look like a tool.  Remember, Ryder (the character you claim to like) accepts that Unique is a girl and supports her.  Why can’t you?

There are all sorts of things up for debate about this pairing, but Unique’s gender is not one of them.  So stop with the transphobia please.  Thank you.

Artie’s terrified/aroused face during Signed, Sealed, Delivered will never not be the best thing.

(Also Blake’s arms.  Mmmm.)

Can someone make a compilation of Ryder Being Adorable in the Background?

Or Ryder Being Adorable in Dance Numbers?

Just Ryder Being Adorable in general would be great.


Chord and Blake have such blendable voices.  They should sing more duets.  I don’t even care why.

*unapologetically loves the newbies*

Holy crap, Blake Jenner is 20?!

Again, I don’t want to tell people what to do with their personal lives, and this marriage thing could easily be a complete crock.

But if it’s not… well, Melissa, come on sweetie.  I know Blake is sweet and cute and funny, but he’s a baby.  He can’t even legally be served alcohol yet.  Don’t pick the fruit before it’s ripe, you know?

I expect the newbies will get some hate for being made regulars when several originals lost their status.

Here’s the thing:

  1. Being a regular does not guarantee they’ll be around.  Harry, Mark, Amber, and Dianna were all regulars last season and they were barely there.
  2. Being a guest star does guarantee they won’t.  Chord was a guest star in season 2 and appeared in every episode.  Same with most of the newbies last year.
  3. The originals can now commit to other work.  Before, they were contractually obligated to be at Glee’s beck-and-call.  Now they aren’t, so they can seek greener pastures.
  4. Their arcs (such as they were) were done.  Everyone basically ended up in a pretty good place so there’s no reason to keep dragging them back.  Remember, more appearances means more chances for the writers to fuck them up!  More Puck dating a highschooler, anyone?  No?  Thought so.
  5. There is now more screentime for other arcs.  One thing everyone complains about with Glee is too many characters and too many plots.  Well, it looks like RMurph and co are finally cutting some of them loose.  Now they can focus on the ones they have left; the up-and-coming graduates, the newbies, the New York bunch, etc.

So this could potentially be a good thing for all involved.  No need to freak out.  Life goes on.

If I look at certain things, I can almost convince myself that Ryder’s rape reveal wasn’t something they invented and tacked onto him in the span of a single episode.

His lines during ‘Say,’ for example.

Walking like a one-man army,
Fighting with the shadows in your head.
Living out the same old moments,
Knowing you’d be better off instead,
If you could only—
Say what you need to say…

Tilt your head just right, and that’s some heavy-duty foreshadowing.  Maybe it was accidental.  Maybe it was intentional.  Who knows?

It’s Glee.  Fandom has done more with less.  :P

The thing is I think most of the new characters are like hybrids of 2 older ones. Jake is new Puck but also new Mike, and they’ve been playing up his Mike side; Ryder is new Finn and also new Sam, and they need to let him be more Sam. if you ask me~
I like your hybrid theory (tee-hee) but I think it’s a different mix I’m after.
I feel like all the best characters on Glee are character/actor hybrids.  It’s not necessarily that the characters are like the actors (SEE: Blaine and Darren) but that the characters start off flat and the actors give them life.
Sometimes it’s the performance.  Blaine and Kurt started off as shallow stereotypes, but Darren and Chris acted the Hell out of them and gave them depth. 
Sometimes it’s just quirks of their persona that bleed over.  Sam was really bland until the writers mixed in some Chord for added spice.  Jake was a non-starter for me until a jolt of Jacob turned him into a ballet-badass.
Ryder is the same way.  On paper, he is a football player with dyslexia who likes Marley and is friends with Jake and has a lot of semi-pointless angst.  On screen, he is a bundle of nerves and energy and excitement, a human pinball bouncing around and goofing off and generally having a blast.  Or at least, that’s what he was until the catfishing started.

Basically, the writers are good at writing stereotypes, but they kind of suck at writing characters, so their best bet is to let the actors turn the one into the other.  Instead of writing for the characters in their heads, they should adapt to the characters as portrayed onscreen.  When they work with the actors, (Sam and Blaine) it’s great.  When they fight against them, (late-season Ryder, S3 Quinn, and to a lesser extent, S4 Kurt) it sucks.
So I think what Ryder really needs is a bigger injection of Blake.
(Also I have a lot of thoughts re; Ryder and Sam and how they are the-same-but-different.  They’re both funny, but Sam is a comedian; he tells jokes and does voices— whereas Ryder is a clown; he makes faces and does goofy dances and shit.  Different-yet-equally-delicious flavors of lulz.
Either way, the writers should do more with them because if there is anything Glee always needs, it is more funny.)