There's a hole in the internet.

Some people are really good at growing beards.

Darren Criss is a good example.

Dylan O’Brien is… not.

Darren’s voice sounds so fucking good on this song holy hell YES PLEASE DO, PLEASE SING US A SONG, SING US ALL THE SONGS YOU’RE THE PYANOMAN.

Darren’s voice in Hey Jude, sweet merciful iceskating triple-axel jesus.

Darren you disgust me and I love you for it.

Darren’s helmet hair.

(✿ ♥‿♥)

Seasons change, fads come and go, empires rise and fall.

Darren still can’t clap.



So Darren is one of the only castmembers who hasn’t said anything about Cory yet.

It’s a difficult position.  On the one hand, people are going to judge him if he doesn’t say anything.  On the other hand, fuck those people; they don’t know him and they didn’t know Cory.  Darren was clearly grieving when he attended his movie premiere (and canceled all his publicity that week).  His grief doesn’t belong to anybody but him and if he doesn’t want to share it, he doesn’t have to.

God, Darren’s face in all of these pictures.  He is just… not there.  Oh, sweetie.

I thought I was making this clear but just in case:

I am not criticizing Darren Criss as a person or speculating on changes in his personality.  I don’t know him.

My comments are from a purely functional standpoint.  The change to Darren’s twitter is functionally worthless as a promotion and actively bad as public relations.  It was not a smart move.

That’s all I’m saying.