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Solar Winds Masterpost: Tumblr Edition!

Title: Solar Winds (Glee/Avatar: The Last Airbender Fusion)
: PG-13 for innuendo, swearing, violence.
Spoilers: None for either series that I am aware of.
Warnings: Delivered on a chapter-by-chapter basis.  General themes include xenophobia, racism, and mild homophobia.
Word Count: ~650,000 and counting, currently on its 74th chapter.


Avatar Kurt has a lot on his plate.  He has to master the elements and save the world, all while making sure his friends don’t kill each other and/or rob the countryside blind.  It’s a tall order.

Enter Prince Blaine, heir to Fire Nation throne, a warm campfire in a country of angry welding torches.  Kurt needs to learn firebending, and Blaine is a willing teacher.  It doesn’t take them long to kindle a friendship, with hopes of fanning the flames into something more.

Little do they know, a firestorm is brewing that will consume an entire Nation, and they are first in its path…

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